About me and TeamDeeJ

DJ Cohen was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic Cancer on February 27, 2015 at 3:30 PM at the age of 38. DJ is the devoted husband of Alexis, and the loving father of 3 beautiful girls: Linda Candice (age 10)  Lori Stephanie (age 9), and Caroline Lee (age 6). Upon his diagnosis, DJ took to poetry to express his most vulnerable thoughts, fears and emotions – mixing stark reality, inflections of sarcasm,humor, and feelings everyone can relate to. DJ began to share his poems with people via social media as well as in person, making an indelible impact on those who know him, thought they knew him, or didn’t know him at all.

Originally “Team Deej” was the name for DJ’s support group – a tight circle of family and friends. But DJ is no ordinary human being, much less an ordinary cancer patient so it would stand to reason that he would have an extraordinary support group. You see, DJ makes an impact on everyone he meets and what started as a small group quickly evolved into a team – Team Deej. People who had fleeting interactions with him in the past began to visit him in the hospital, or at home citing their concern for such a genuine, caring person. DJ’s selfless energy and positive attitude are contagious, and he quickly began to inspire and motivate the very people who were there to support him. DJ would welcome them with warmth and humor, and in the end it was them thanking him for their visit! If you have ever have the pleasure of visiting DJ during his tri-monthly chemo treatments you will find him dressed in a different costume each time, hoping to inspire the other patients and visitors to keep things light, and most importantly to remember to smile.

Since his diagnosis in February 2015, DJ made it his mission, and the mission of Team Deej to motivate and inspire anyone facing any type of personal hardship, large or small. Working with local community organizations, as well as businesses large and small, DJ speaks in fronts of crowds of hundreds and thousands as a living example of what it means to live life to the fullest each day. DJ educates others on the importance of practicing mindfulness, being aware of opportunities as they arise, appreciating the best in people, and how gratitude affects your attitude.