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A special thanks to the staff , faculty and 8th Graders at Barkai Yeshivah for having Cheri Srour and I speak and open up a conversation based on acts of kindness.Kindness,  no matter the size of the act has an enormous residual effect that goes on and on and  etc……. I am grateful for having this oppertunity to share some of the ways of dealing with life  challenges. It provides our youth with tools that we have picked up along our journeys that have helped us and continue to help us  deal with the ups and downs , the pressures and the unkown  of every day life!
Looking forward to our next conversation!

Pay it Forward Via Blessing Flower Necklace


Thought of the day!

It seems that opportunities are always there. Over the past year I am noticing this new habit ( finding and seizing opportunities) is working more and more. Training your mind to notice. In the morning when i arise, i first thank G-D for another day, another chance to see my wife and daughters, another chance to do more, share more, experience more and give more. When i take advantage of them and act , it is so rewarding. I wish for everyone to learn this habit, as   like any other habit , after 21 days it becomes part of you!

Love, DJ Cohen